The latest release version of CLIPS is available for download on the SourceForge CLIPS Download Page.

CLIPS 6.3 includes the following changes:

  • Performance Improvements - Rule performance has been improved particularly in situations with large numbers of fact/instances or partial matches.
  • 64-bit Integers - Integers in CLIPS are now represented using the "long long" C data type which provides a minimum of 64 bits of precision.
  • Reset after Clear - A reset command is now performed after a clear command (which includes the clear command issued internally by CLIPS when it is started). Since no user constructs will be present after a clear, the primary effect of this behavior is to create the initial-fact and initial-object.
  • Pattern Addition - The initial-fact and initial-object patterns are no longer used in triggering rules. When printing partial matches, the * symbol is used to indicate a not or exists pattern that is satisfied.
  • Module Specifiers - A module specifier can be used in expressions to reference a deffunction or defgeneric that is exported by a module, but not specifically imported by the module which is referencing it.
  • Instance Name and Class Visibility - Instance names now have global scope and must be unique regardless of their module. Instances of classes that are not in scope can be created if the module name is specified as part of the class name. Messages can be sent to instances regardless of whether the instance class is in scope.
  • Command Prompt - Local variables bound at the command prompt using the bind function persist until a reset or clear command is issued.
  • MicroEMACS Editor - The built-in editor is no longer supported.
  • Help Functions - The help and help-path funtions are no longer supported.
  • Printout Function - The deprecated use of the symbol t as a substitute for the crlf symbol is no longer allowed.
  • Command and Function Changes - The matches command and open function have modified behavior.
  • New Functions and Commands - The foreach and operating-system functions have been added.
  • Behavior Changes - A defgeneric redefinition warning is no longer printed when a defmethod is defined.